Cue Guide

Cue Guide

Cue Guide:

Different cue sports have varying requirements for cue weight, tip size, and ferrule dimensions. Here are some guidelines for different cue sports:

Snooker: Butt sizes range from 28.5mm to 30.5mm, with ferrules between 9.3mm to 9.8mm. (Many pro players now use 28.5mm to 29mm)

English Pool: Tip sizes typically range from 8mm to 9mm, with most pro players leaning closer to 9mm.

USA Pool: Butt sizes range from 32mm to 33mm, and ferrules range between 11.5mm to 13mm.

Carom: Cues are shorter, about 56 inches (142.24cm), with tip sizes between 12mm to 13mm.

Chinese Pool: Typically, cues resemble Snooker cues with a pool ferrule and have tip sizes between 11.5mm to 12.75mm.

These are some basic guidelines to consider when selecting a cue for different cue sports. It's essential to explore the needs of the game and try out different cues before making a final decision.

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